My Womb: A Creative Retelling of Genesis 2-4

Adam and EveIt had been one week since G*d[1] looked at creation and said that it was very good. Adam and I had spent the last week exploring the garden, it all was as G*d said, very good. It was the eve of our second Sabbath when G*d pulled me away from Adam for a talk. She[2] explained to me that while Adam was right, that we were of the same bone and flesh, that we were not the same. Adam’s flesh and my flesh were created differently so that we would learn to be unafraid of differences in others, but love those that were different from ourselves. Our differences in flesh were both very valuable, one no greater than the other. After she had explained how differences, fleshly or not, were valuable, she told me why my fleshly differences were indeed very good. G*d had given me a womb like hers.[3] (more…)


Men Who Like Flowers

men and flowersI currently work at a florist shop down the street from my school. When I started I thought it would be a great opportunity to change up my days of constant studying with bright happy flowers. But the florist life is not all sunny; we hear lots of sad stories from mourning customers. Believe it or not, working with flowers gives me the chance to think about some seemingly unrelated but important issues. (more…)